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Naomi Campbell: 'There's always work to be done'

Before getting into what Naomi Campbell has to say, it is impossible to ignore what Naomi Campbell projects: A kind of surreal, cyborg beauty. She is what I imagine a 3D printout of what a perfect otherworldly woman would look like.

21st, February 2020, 10:35pm

The week in 31 photos

Take a look at 31 photos of the week from February 14 through February 20.

21st, February 2020, 10:32pm

Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020, election security official told lawmakers

The intelligence community's top election security official delivered a briefing to lawmakers last week warning them that the intelligence community believes Russia is already taking steps to interfere in the 2020 election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump win, three sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

21st, February 2020, 10:30pm

This is why BTS' new album is a big deal

CNN's Bianca Nobilo speaks with K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin about what to expect from the new BTS album and how the band is handling its skyrocketing global fame.

21st, February 2020, 10:21pm

Why Putin would want Trump to win in 2020

It's a familiar plot line: Top intelligence officials deliver a warning to lawmakers that Russia wants to interfere in the upcoming presidential election -- and that the Kremlin's preferred outcome is a win by President Donald Trump.

21st, February 2020, 10:19pm

How it's made: Backstage at Tommy Hilfiger's global, celebrity-filled show

For the past five years, American designer Tommy Hilfiger has been producing lavish fashion shows and touring them around the world -- an unusual approach, when most designers only participate in one city's fashion week. His desire to think outside the box isn't new. In 1999 he famously took over Madison Square Garden to present his collection, years before Kanye West did the same.

21st, February 2020, 10:05pm

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