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What it's like to vacation in Florida right now

Florida, as usual, has been making headlines, as coronavirus cases across the state spike as angrily as the summer heat. But even in raging pandemic times, there's still no putting a state this diverse in a box.

10th, July 2020, 12:07pm

Clemency expected for Roger Stone as prison clock winds down

President Donald Trump is publicly teasing clemency for his friend and former political adviser, Roger Stone, days before Stone is set to report to a federal prison in Georgia. At least half a dozen people close to the President told CNN it's widely believed he'll pardon or commute Stone's sentence, though the timing is still unclear.

10th, July 2020, 11:21pm

'Pleading' from aides led to Trump finally agreeing to wear a mask

As coronavirus cases surged in the Sun Belt in recent weeks, one Republican leader after another has come forward to publicly endorse face masks -- and model the practice themselves -- in an attempt to depoliticize their use as a public health precaution.

10th, July 2020, 10:57pm

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